Artistic Bio

Mitchell Webster

Mitchell  came to Art later in life. After an varied but unfulfilling career spanning 25 years he found himself reflecting on the big questions in his Life “What makes me happy?”, “What made my heart sing when I was a child?”

After much reflection he recalled his early childhood love of art, his favourite medium being crayon on wall, doodles in schoolbooks and peaceful, solitary times spent sketching in nature. He has since devoted the past 20 years developing his art form as a practicing professional artist; self directed and under the tutelage of many accomplished artists and craftsmen.

Mitchell, along with his partner in life and in Art - Janet K. MacKay, work out of Worldview Studio and Gallery of Fine Art, now located in the Sharbot Lake, ON.

About His Art

While his forte and passion is sculpting Mitchell is also an accomplished painter. When asked to differentiate between his sculpture and painting he states “sculpture is a tactile, sensual and spiritual experience welling up from My heart and soul” while “painting tends to be more an intellectual process coming from the mind”.

Exploring the intricate complexities of relationships inspires Mitchell to create sensual thought provoking figurative sculpture. He strives to combine the Yin and Yang of being into this work. Balance and harmony are evidenced in soft, sensual form balanced with natural elements of the earth.

Expressing his love of and pure joy of being alone with nature inspires him to paint calming peaceful landscapes in oils on canvas while he explores the deeper mysteries in life through his surrealist, futuristic and cosmic paintings. More recently, Mitchell has been working on a series of highly textured, vibrant abstracts in acrylics. These paintings are created to fully engage the observer as an integral participant presenting an ever changing viewpoint.  They can be flipped to offer the observer an entirely new painting.

Shows and Publications

Mitchell exhibits his work primarily at Worldview Studio and Gallery of Fine Art, but has shown in many venues over the last 18 years including the National Capital Network of Sculptor’s Annual “Dimensions” show, Cube Gallery, Rothwell Gallery, Patrick John Mills Gallery, Exclusive Art Forms Gallery and the Robert Macklin Gallery in Kingston. He has been featured in ‘MagazinArt’, ‘Canadian Artists in Galleries’ as well as many other news articles and publications.

Artistic Philosophy

Mitchell offers his art as an invitation to glimpse into his ‘worldview’, to join him on an journey to someplace beautiful, peaceful and reflective but more importantly to open a door for his audience to find their own place of beauty, peace and reflection.


Selected Commissions

Worldview Studio's was commissioned to create a bronze map model of the reconstructed Saugus Iron Works Foundry in Gloucester, outside Boston, Massachusetts.  Mitchell and Janet worked with the project team to develop the concept and design parameters for the model. 

The saugus Iron Works 1646, was the first industrial foundry in the United States.  This important piece of American History was beautifully restored to its original state by the U.S. National Parks Service.  

The model was sculpted to exact scale and topography  to represent the importance of the sites location.  It was strategically placed to greet visitors to the site providing wayfinding and information to start their tour.

Mitchell was the lead on this project including: sculpture, mold making, foundry/quality control direction, Assembly and finishing, and installation.